Fox Trot is always looking for great talent, and we are proud to be the stepping stone for many college students in today's tech-centric job market. Whether you are interested in a position in the retail space or working on our digital strategy, we just might have something to offer you!  Our team members are high energy, talented, creative, customer focused, dedicated, passionate about fashion, and most importantly LOVE the Fox Trot Brand.  We provide fun and relaxing work environment for people with a strong work ethic.  Everyone works together to make the entire team better, and in turn provide the best shopping experience our customers have ever had.   We want to inspire you and in turn be inspired BY you.  As a small independent business, we want you to have the opportunity to help define your career and build that career path for us to grow together.

Many courses at the U of A require internships or special projects as part of the course. What better way to show teach how great you are than by executing a real world project with measurable results? If you have a project you need help with, let us know and we just might have a need that you can meet.

So what are some typical jobs at Fox Trot, and what will you do when you join us? Below you will find a sample of typical jobs we fill and what those positions do. If a position is currently available, you can click on the title and an application for that position will open for you to complete.



It takes great talent, a great eye, and a creative spirit to show the word all that Fox Trot has to offer.  You will work with our Social Media, In Store Marketing and Web Master to creative stunning graphics to help drive engagement and customer loyalty.   Must be proficient with the Adobe platform of products.  You will also interface with our advertising partners, helping to create advertisement and marketing materials.   You will further work with our photographers and models, to help put the finishing touches on all of their wonderful pieces.


Our stylists first and foremost must have a strong interest in and great eye for fashion.  Keep up with the latest styles and trends, and be able to translate that knowledge into ideas for a diverse customer base.  You will assist with merchandising, catalogue layout, photo shoots and lookbooks.   This is a hands on position that also assists customers as a personal shopper and sales associate.


Part time positions for dependable, honest, hard working individuals.  Must be punctiual, honest, creative and very well organized.    Position requires top notch customer service and the ability to lead the customer to the perfect purchase.  Part time positions may lead to full time work as a manager , stylist,  assistant manager oir personal assistant.  Must be able to work in  a very fast paced environment and multitask while taking care of customers.  Must have attention to detail and be able to follow written and verbal processes and instructions without reminders.   In this position, you will help customers as well as help update and manage daily social media posts on a variety of platforms.  Our associates do not ask if they can help - we strike up conversations to develop meaningful relationships with our clients.  Sales associates receive a generous discount and are required to wear only clothing purchased from Fox Trot.   Must be able to work a cash register, count change and operate a computer.


We are always on the look out for the world's best office staff and interns.  We need help with anything and everything and in this position you will be put where you are needed the most.   This is a fast changing, dynamic position that provides excellent cross-functional exposure.  This is especially beneficial for our interns as you get to know the business and see what areas you enjoy the most, to prepare for a future career in fashion and hopefully with the Fox Trot family!  You must be PROACTIVE in this position and always on your toes.  We may have a really cool project that we need extra hands to get finished on time, or we might just need a cup of coffee to keep our brains from melting down.   It's your job to anticipate our needs and provide a solution before we even know we need it.  We may not always say please and thank you, but you are our rock and we couldn't do this without you.


A web developer assists with programatic and design changes for our website.  Responsible for the coding, innovative design and layout of our website. Responsibilities include building/updating our website from concept through completion from the bottom up, fashioning everything from the home page to site layout and function.  Typical skills used include coding, HTML/CSS, layout, relational database design and management, network interface/diagnostics/analytics, familiarity with php,, javascript, site and network security, Search Engine Optimization, strong organizational and project management skills.   Students majoring in Computer Science or a related field with at least 30 hours of coursework including the above skills are preferred.


A web master works closely with our developers to maintain our website and ecommerce business.  Ensures that the site(s) are running properly and available to users,  tests new implemenatations and changes, tests speed and accessibility of the site.  The webmaster is involved in the design of web pages, product pages, checkout pages and CMS.  Must be familiar with Google Analytics and have the ability to use this information to improve the site and increase traffic and conversions.  The webmaster serves as the server administrator and must be familiar with Apache server configurations.    The webmaster is also responsible for layout changes and A/B testing for optimal performance.