We know you love Fox Trot as much as we do, and you are always telling your friends they just HAVE to go to Fox Trot! We work with a few select customers who are passionate about our brand and always promoting us to their pals, and there is something in it for you and your friends too!

The Fox Trotters can be seen around town, at Razorback events or just walking to class and you might not even know it. Some are models for us, others are not. Some are in sororities, others are athletes, graduates, moms or professionals. Fox Trotters are our local Brand Ambassadors and are loyal and passionate customers who help us represent our brand in a positive way and by doing so help increase brand awareness and sales through word of mouth advertising.

A great Fox Trotter will:

  1. Have a general understanding of marketing and not be afraid to share your opinion. You must authentically love the Fox Trot brand and the brands we represent. 
  2. Have a large, established network. Whether online or in person, you have to be a people person and be willing to talk to people. 
  3. Be professional - you are representing the Fox Trot brand, after all! 
  4. Be a leader. People respect you and your opinion. They know they can trust you and you would never lead them astray. 
  5. Be a people person, with the ability to build relationships. Think of yourself as a customer service liaison of sorts. We want to know our customers and know that they are being heard. Our customers want that too. 
  6. Be innovative. We need feedback and ideas to help us be successful. We need to know what we are doing well and what we need to work on. A customers perspective is one of the most valuable pieces of information we can ever have, and we want your opinion as well as that of your friends and coworkers.

So what's In It For Me?

Well, let's just say you get some great perks and rewards that we don't want your friends to get TOO jealous of, so you'll have to come by the store to find out.