Toscana Hat


Paper Braid Safari with 4” Brim 

Braided Faux Suede Band 3-Burnt

One Size | Inner Drawstring Sweatband

UPF 50+ | Blocks out 97.5% of UV rays


From the Maker: Every hat needs a delicate touch. That ’s why we’re pleased to offer straw designs made of raffia fabric. Handmade by artisans and pulled from the membrane of palm fronds, the elegant but durable straw can withstand days in the sun while providing you a beautiful, unique design. Our products are still handwoven, so that no two pieces will be the same, ensuring you find the perfect fit for you.

In your endeavor for a new hat, you’ll also be supporting the environment. Raffia has recently been recognized as a renewable resource due to its low impact on the planet. Not only will you be adding an extra glimmer to your attire, but you’ll be making the world a better place because of it. 

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